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Functions and organizational structure


1.1 The cooperation department was created with the basic objective of strengthening the cooperative movement in the state .Initially ,the cooperation department remained a part pof one of the development department.In the year 1991,the cooperation department came into being as an independent department of government of Odisha after being bifuricated from the erstwhile agriculture and cooperation department vide G.A. department resolution No.270-RB dated )2.01.1991.

1.2 Some of the important fucntions discharged by the cooperation department are breifly indicated below: -Providing timely and adequate credit to farmers for financing their agricultural and called allied activities -supply of inputs such as fertilizers,pesticides and seeds to the farmers -Administering the crop Insurance Scheme to provide relief to farmers in the event of crop failure -Providing marketing support to farmers by way of bringing about the integrated development of marketing of agricultural products to safeguard the economic interest of the farming community -provide infrastructure for storage of agricultural produce through organization like the odisha state warehousing corporation(OSWC) and the orissa state marketting federation (MARKFED). -Imparting co-operative education and training to office bearers and members of cooperative societies for strengthening the cooperative movement in the state .


2.Organizational structure Heads of Department

2.1 There are five Directories functioning under the administrative control of the cooperation Department ,namely ,the registrar of cooperative societies,the Directorate of cooperative Audit,the Directorate of Agricultural Marketting ,cooperative tribunal and odisha state cooperative election commission .The functions of the directorates are given below.

2.2 Registrar,Cooperative socities :Under the directorate of the registrar of cooperative societies,there are 19 coopertaive divisions-one each at the headquarters of the 13 erstwhile undivided revenues Districts headed by a deputy assistant registrar of cooperative societies and 58 cooperative circles,each headed by an assitant registrar of cooperative societies.This Directorate is entrusted with the responsibility of implementation of policies and programmes of the central and state Governments for the benefit of farmers and other economically weaker sections through cooperatives and for the strengthening the cooperative movement.To achieve these objectives,the directorate looks after administration,supervision,monitoring and regulation of the cooperative societies functioning in the state in various sectors such as handloom ,fisheries,dairy etc. and the cooperative credit societies.

2.3 Directorate of cooperative Audit: the auditor General of cooperative societies heads this directorate.There are 16 Audit circles in this Directorate each under as Assistant Auditor General of co-operative societies.The Directorate is responsible for conducting the audit of all cooperative societies and taking follow up action on the audit reports.

2.4 Directorate of Agricultural marketing : The Directorate of agricultural marketing is headed by the director of agricultural marketing and has six marketing regions each headed by a regional marketing officer .The directorate implements the scheme /programmes of the government of India/state Government for providing marketing support to farmers for marketing of their produce ,creating and strengthening of infrastructure for marketing of agricultural produce for increasing market efficiency thus enhancing farmers income.

2.5 Cooperative tribunal : The member ,cooperative Tribunal has been accorded the status of a head of Department .The cooperative tribunal is the appealeate court for expeditious cases of disposal appeal cases as provided under the orissa cooperative societies Act,1962.

2.6 Odisha state Cooperative Election commission The state cooperative election commission ,odisha is created under section direction and control of the preparation of the electoral role for ,and conduct of all election to a cooperative societies shall vest in the state vest in the state cooperative election commission ,Odisha as provided under section 2B AA of the OCS Act 1962.


3.Other Organizations

3.1 Orissa state warehousing corporation :this is the only public sector undertaking under the cooperation department and provides infrastructure for storage of foodgrains and fertilizers and pesticides through its warehouses and godowns in different parts of the state .

3.2 Orissa state agricultural Marketing (OSAM)Board : The OSAM board is a statutory board constituted under the orissa agricultural produce markets ACt,1956 for exercising superintendence and control over working of present 66 regulated market committies constituted under the act with intention of regulating the sale and purchase of agricultural produces in the state.

3.3 There are 9 apex cooperative functioning under the administrative control of the cooperation department which are: (i)Orissa state cooperative union(OSCU) (ii)Orissa state cooperative Bank(OSCB) (iii)Orissa state cooperative marketing Federation (MARKFED) (iv)orissa cooperative Housing corportaion (OCHC) (v)Orissa Consumer cooperative Federation(OCCF) (vi)Orissa state cooperative agricultural and Rural development bank (OSCARD Bank) (vii)Orissa cotton growers' cooperative marketing Federation(COTFED) (viii)odisha Federation of union Cooperative Banks and credit C.S. Ltd. (ix)odisha federation of labour and construction cooperative Ltd. Besides,at present there are other categories of primary and central cooperative societies functioning under the administrative control of Urban cooperative department including 17 central cooperative banks (CCBs),9 Urban cooperative Banks ,51 Regional cooperative marketing societies(RCMs),46 cooperative agricultural Rural Development Banks(CARD bank),3 Sugra Mills,18 Cooperative cold storages and 270B primary agricultural cooperative societies(PACS) including 2488 service cooperative societies(SCS) + 214 Larged sized adivasi Multipurpose cooperative societies(LMPCS)+6 farmers' service cooperative societies (FSCS).