Ashraya Yojana 2021 Application Form – Beneficiary Status

Ashraya Yojana 2021 Application Form – Beneficiary Status. Karnataka CM 1 lakh Housing Scheme Form 2021 Apply Online, Eligibility Criteria, Required Documents, Application / Payment Status For Kar CM One lakh House project in Bangalore Through This Page.

Ashraya Yojana 2021 – RGRHCL Beneficiary Status

Ashraya is an Indian non governmental company which is situated at Indiranagar, Bengaluru,  Karnataka, India which is functioning for the benefits of poverty stricken children and delegation of women. This Yojana came into effect in 1982. It is a type of charitable organization in the registered society. Legally it is tax exempted and is situated in Bengaluru in the Karnataka region of India.

The Ashraya Yojana Scheme basically comes into service for the welfare of children and women. The founder of the Ashraya Yojana Scheme is Rama Ananth. The president of Ashraya Yojana Scheme is Shanthi Chacko. The secretary is Nomita Chandy. The board of directors of the scheme includes a total of 5 members. The subsidiary of the scheme is the Ashraya Neelbagh Residential School.

Objectives of Ashraya Yojana

The Ashraya Yojana Scheme was established in 1982 by a group of young women. The Ashraya Yojana was established under the guidance of its founder Rama Ananth , for the wellbeing of poverty stricken children and also to benefit them with residential care. The organization planned to give a temporary area for some rest to the children prior to when safe houses were set up for them through legal adoption. The Ashraya Yojana Scheme has a commanded mission to outstretch non institutional care to poverty stricken children and also for the  empowerment of women.

History of Ashraya Yojana

At the time of the starting point of the Ashraya Yojana Scheme in 1982, the department was mainly focused to give benefits and do good to the children of the migratory construction workers in Bengaluru. Initially, the organization has made its feet dig into the ground by selling greeting cards which was a big means for fundraising. Also, it helped in setting off a small rented place in the city. Initially, the organization had set up on the site areas of the working women for the children. From the self effacing starting,  Ashraya has now made their spectrum of activities very broad to protect the welfare of the whole family.

Ashraya Yojana Programs

So basically , the programs of the ashraya yojana scheme fall into two major categories which are the welfare of children and the empowerment of women. In various places in the city such as Indiranagar,  Yelahanka, Siddapura , Avalahalli , Banaswadi and Shivaji Nagar the association runs seven movable day nurseries, which are mostly on site creches and are associated with its child care center.

Near Madanapalle , 100 kms from Bengaluru in 1966 , a school named Neelbagh Residential School was started by Ashray . This school is now always open to the children belonging to the migrant workers. The curriculum of the school is typically based in Kannada medium with English as a second main language.  This school has classes running from lower kindergarten till the tenth standards. Various professional training programs are also run by the Neelbagh Residential School.  It includes students in wiring,  carpentry,  electronic wiring, plumbing, pottery, tailoring and bee keeping.  Since 2009 it is the record of the school to declare 100% pass result in the state level exams.

Required Documents For Ashraya Yojana

The major documents which are required for the Ashraya Yojana Scheme are mentioned below as follows:

  1. Permanent resident certificate of the candidate
  2. Candidates aadhar card of the candidate
  3. Cast certificate of the candidate if any
  4. Income certificate from the revenue department
  5. Ration card of the candidate
  6. Voter card of the candidate
  7. Registration number for construction workers from Labor Department
  8. Mobile number of candidate
  9. Passport size photograph of the candidate

Ashraya Yojana Application Form Payment Mode

Although the state government is providing many benefits to the people through this scheme , the applicants must submit the application fee for the form. For paying the fees of the application form,  there are two different methods. This one is through online and the other is through cash. When the cash option is chosen , then one must go and visit the bank. In the bank , one payment slip number is received. This reference number is given at the time of registration.

How To Apply Online For Ashraya Yojana 

  1. The candidate should go to official link of the portal.
  2. Now the candidate should click on CM 1 lac houses application form
  3. Now a new page opens on the screen.
  4. Now the candidate must fill in all the personal details correctly. After completing all the details the candidate must click on the proceed button.
  5. Now a new screen is opened .
  6. After this step , the candidate must enter the Aadhaar Card number and all other details mentioned correctly .
  7. Now the candidate must enter his or her mobile number. An OTP is sent to the candidate’s phone number for the confirmation through a message.
  8. Now the OTP must be entered
  9. After this , the payment option of the scheme must be visible.
  10. Now the candidate must select the relevant option in which he or she is comfortable.
  11. Now in the end , the candidate must click on the submit button. Now the complete process of registration is complete.
  12. Now the candidate must make sure to take out the print out of the registration form and the application number. As this may help further in getting benefits.

Ashraya Yojana Beneficiary Status

The beneficiary status can be checked on the website by opening Also the call center number for the same is 080-23118888.

The beneficiaries are those applicants who have applied to the Ashraya Yojana Scheme form. In beneficiary status, the government has made the beneficiaries upload pictures of the stage of their houses. Also there is an app named I Mane Mobile app which is available on Google Play, through this the beneficiaries can claim their subsidy amount by uploading the photographs. This will make it easy for the candidates to check and to be on record.

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