{लॉन्च} e-Rupi Digital Payment Solution – App Download, How It Works, erupee APK

{लॉन्च} e-Rupi Digital Payment Solution – App Download, How It Works, erupee APK. What is e Rupi Digital Payment (e upi kya hai) Official Website. Check E-Rupi Digital Payment Solution in Hindi With Complete Information How It Works, How To Use e-Rupi App, Benefits of e-Rupi Digital Payment From This Page.

What is e-Rupi Digital Payment Solution?

e Rupi digital solution is a cashless and contactless apparatus which is used for payments which are done digitally. It is basically an e voucher which is SMS string based or QR code based that is directly supplied to the mobile phones of the recipients.

How e-Rupi Digital Payment Works?

The prime minister of India Mr Narendra Modi had launched the e Rupi Digital Payment Solution on 2 August 2021 Monday. It is basically a digital payment system which is electronic voucher based . e Rupi is a contactless and also cashless apparatus for processing all the digital payments.  It is although very simple to use as it gets distributed to the mobile phones of the heiress through a SMS string or QR code.

All the beneficiaries of this new single time method will be profitable and be able to save the voucher without any card , digital payments app or the internet banking access at the service supplier.

erupee Digital Payment App Download APK

The PMO has told in the recent affirmation that the e RUPI can easily be used in the delivering services under the projects that are meant for giving drugs and also the nutritional aid under the mother and child welfare schemes , various TB eradication programs,  the drugs and diagnostics under various schemes like Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana endowments of fertilizers etc.

It has also been added that also the private sector can purchase these digital vouchers as part of their employee well being and collective social responsibility ideas.

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e-Rupi Official Website or App Download

Also talking about the declaration of the e Rupi Digital Payment Solution,  our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has said the e Rupi voucher is going to have a dominant role in building up the direct benefit transfer (DBT) scheme through the government. PM Modi has also assured that the e Rupi will help out in convincing and targeting transparent and leakage free delivery for everyone.

PM Modi has also said that the e Rupi also acts as a person and a purpose specific payment platform too.

Also while talking about the use of science and technology our PM Modi has said that India is manifesting the world and it is not at all backwards in embracing the new technology. Either it is in terms of new innovations or utilization of new technology in the distribution of the services. India is competent in having global leadership skills.

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e-Rupi Kya Hai in Hindi – Download E-RUPI Mobile Application

PM Modi addressed that in the world the work that is done today in our country over the past 6- 7 years is being applauded in the field of digital infrastructure and digital transactions. He also added that the beneficiaries are getting the direct benefit transfer of 300 schemes which range from LPG to ration and also to pension .

Also in addition to the government,  PM Modi has stated that if any corporation who is willing to help someone in their education or treatment or any other form of work , then this e Rupi voucher can be given to those instead of directly giving the cash. Therefore this would make sure that the money which was given was used for work properly rather than any misusage. This would make sure that the money is being used for work purposes only.

The prime minister said that the e Rupi will make sure that the money being given is used purely for the purpose by which any help or any benefit is being given. Once upon a time , it was considered that technology was meant for rich people and was considered as a domain for them. Also it was thought that it had no scope for poor people just like our country India. He also pointed out that today, technology is acting as a tool to help the poor people, it is acting as a tool for their progress.

eRupay Mobile App Launch – Download At Play Store

PM Modi has also stated how the technology was making in transparency and the integrity in the transactions and was also creating new opportunities and also was constructing it available for the poor too. The JAM system which was created over the years had connected the mobile and the adhaar had prepared the foundation for reaching today’s unique product. Although the benefits of the JAM system had taken some time to be visible to the normal people, it was then seen how the system helped the needy during the period of lockdown while other countries were still fighting to help out their people.

Through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) more than 17.50 lakh crore rupees were being transferred straight away to the accounts of the normal people. Today more than 90 crore Indians are receiving benefits in one way or the other in the departments like LPG , ration,  medical treatment,  scholarship,  and also wage disbursal by the usage of more than 3000 schemes. Under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, more than Rs 1,35,000 crore have been transferred directly to farmers. In this manner, a total sum of Rs 85,000 crore were being used for government purchases of wheat and were being disbursed in this manner. Therefore the direct benefits of this were that Rs 1,78,000 crore were being stopped in going to the wrong hands.

NPCI e-Rupi Banks List

  • Union Bank of India
  • State Bank of India
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Kotak Bank
  • Indian Bank
  • Induslnd Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • Canara Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Axis Bank

e-Rupi Digital Payment Platform

Small businesses,  farmers, tribal populations and also the poor and deprived have been empowered by the development of digital transactions. This has been proven by seeing 300 crore UPI transactions being made in July which amounted to rupees 6 lakh crores.

India has proven to the world that India is no less adapting to technology and also in adopting it. Several innovations and the usage of technology is being employed in service delivery. Alongside the major countries of the world,  India also has the ability to provide global leadership.

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