Meesho Supplier 2022 – Seller Login Panel & Registration Online Form [Download Meesho App]

Meesho Supplier 2022 – Seller Login Panel & Registration Online Form, Meesho App Seller registration, Check Meesho Supplier Panel Online, Download Meesho App. Check Complete Details Regarding meesho distributor login and Meesho Reseller Login Page ( From This Page.

Meesho Supplier 2022 – Login & Registration Panel

Meesho Seller Login Panel – In today’s world , everybody desires to earn money to make some extra amount of money. One of the best methods through which Indian housewives have come up is through a method known as reselling. We all have seen many times and at various platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp groups where such women sell products live.

If this thing is fascinating to you , and you are one of the people who also wishes to do the same and enter into such a business through very easy means, one of the best options which we have is the use of the Meesho app.

Meesho Supplier App Download –

What happens in the Meesho App is that you have to resell the items which are already being sold from different sellers and in return you get a commission. Generally the products are being shared through social media such as Facebook , WhatsApp,  Youtube , and many more and are hence resold in return for a commission.

But the important thing is that the customers who are buying the products will not get to know about your commission. Therefore people can easily earn a commission on the products being resold through the Meesho app.

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Meesho Supplier Login Panel 2022

Once you have downloaded the Meesho app and have registered yourself,  then it becomes really very easy and convenient to use the app . You just have to click on an open application to begin with your work if you are using it on your smartphone. Whereas if you are using it through the website portal , then the following steps are being followed:

  • Step 1 : The first step to do is that the person has to click on the link
  • Step 2 : Now the next step is you have to enter your email address and your password when the login page opens.
  • Step 3 : The next step is that the person should click on the login option.
  • Step 4 : The next step is that in case you have forgotten the password for the Meesho account then the person should click on the forgot password option.
  • Step 5 : The next step is that when the next screen opens , it will be asked to provide your registered email address through the portal.
  • Step 6 : The next step is to click on the submit button after you have provided the email.
  • Step 7 : Now a mail must have come to the mail inbox and the password recovery email must be checked from Meesho and also all the steps which are mentioned should be followed to recover the account and get your password.

Meesho Supplier Login Page & Official Website

As the registration procedure for the Meesho portal is quite quick and easy, therefore there are millions of people today who are getting registered with the meesho app. All you need is the GSTIN , pan card number and your bank account details. For your easy registration to the Meesho portal,  the following steps should be followed:

  • Step 1 : The first step is to visit the official website of meesho which is
  • Step 2 : Now when you open this website,  a screen will open where you have to click on the top right corner where you can find an option of Become a supplier.  You just have to click on this.
  • Step 3 : The next step is to click on Become meesho supplier . When you click on become a meesho supplier , a blank form will appear on the screen.
  • Step 4 : The next step is that on that form the person must enter his business name , contact number , and his complete email address.
  • Step 5 : Now in this next step , the person must get a dropdown menu, from which he will need to select the right option , in the same form for his city and category.
  • Step 6 : Now in the next step, the selection must be done from the different other options given.
  • Step 7 : Now in the last step, when the form is filled completely just click on the register option and submit the form.

How To Sell Products on Meesho Without GST Number

One thing that is very very important is that the person cannot register to the meesho app if he or she does not have a GST number. Therefore when the option comes where it is asked if the person has a GST number or not there, yes should be selected.

Also another thing is that when you are done with registering yourself on to the Meesho Portal , then a message must have arrived on the screen stating that your registration is complete. In case if that message doesn’t pop up , then it is sure that there is some sort of error which is being made while filling the form. Also after the form is filled and the registration is complete,  an email will come and the meesho authorities will get in touch with you very soon. It is quite often that the Meesho Authorities contact through giving a call on the registered mobile number of the person within a time span of 7 days.

Meesho Reseller Registration Panel 2022 Online Form

In today’s world , when most of the things are being done through a simple smartphone , then people feel really lethargic to open up a computer. And also Meesho registration is also very much possible through the android and the ios applications. Following are the steps which should be followed to register on the Meesho app through a smartphone.

  • Step 1 : First step is download the meesho app through Google Play store or Apple store.
  • Step 2 : When the app is being downloaded,  then a screen will open and there you need to click on the continue option which is available on the screen at the bottom.
  • Step 3 : Now a different screen is opened and you have to enter the contact number through which the registration must be done on the app.
  • Step 4 : After the phone number is selected,  then you must click on the option of Use SMS.
  • Step 5 : Now in this next step , just click on the enter OTP part and enter the OTP which is received on the phone number being registered. After this just click on continue.
  • Step 6 : After the registration is complete,  a page will show up where the usage of Meesho is being shown in the form of a video. You can always skip this page by clicking on an option below at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step 7 : On the next screen you will have to enter the age , gender and occupation and fill in the form . Now click on the continue button.
  • Step 8 : After this,  you will have to enter your profile. At the bottom right side of the screen,  you will see your profile. Just click on that.
  • Step 9 : Now here , click on the option of edit profile.
  • Step 10 : Now all the details must be filled in the form next which are the work details , personal details and contact details in the blank form. Now just click on the save option which is available on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Step 11 : After all the details are saved , to go back , click on the arrow on the top left corner.
  • Step 12 : Now enter your bank details on this screen and fill them and click on the submit option.
  • Step 13 : As you submit the form , a dialogue box will pop up on the screen which states for a transaction of Re 1 for verification purpose.

Also apart from this , all the activities being done are shown onto the profile.

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